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I’m Gabrielle Henderson, the Founder and Director of Freshh Connection, and a born and bred Brit who desires to achieve a genuine connection with people wherever I go.


As a serial extrovert with a degree in Journalism & Sociology, and a by-product of an entrepreneurial environment, connection is at the heart of everything I do- especially when it comes to connecting businesses with their potential customers.


From the day I got my hands on Facebook and Instagram around 8 years ago, I’ve been fascinated by the connections people and businesses can build with each other through fresh content and original visuals. Five years ago, I started curating social media posts and growing online communities for a variety of businesses and I’ve never looked back!

Our story


After managing the social channels for a variety of brands, it became obvious why businesses were finding it so hard to maintain their socials and gain leads. One, because they were already juggling a ton of other moving parts, and two, because they were seeing it as yet another platform to bombard their audience with sponsored ads and gimmicky sales pitches to sell more and make more money instantly.


They forget that people are smart.


People can sniff inauthenticity from a mile away and when they do, they’ll scroll past you faster than you can say ‘Link in Bio.’


What people are really craving is connection.


People want to feel seen and known and NOT overwhelmed with irrelevant ads or basic captions. By connecting with your audience in a freshh and engaging way, you automatically give your brand presence. One that people can connect with. We want people connecting with your brand and not just consuming it and to bring the Social back into Social Media. 


But we understand your schedule is already jam-packed so we’ll take this added burden off your shoulders and take care of designing the flow, writing genuine captions, and capturing original images- you won’t have to worry about a thing!



A good social media account will often rely on generic stock imagery

and basic captions.  


A GREAT social media account will capitalise on clear, original photos of your products or service.


Let’s face it…humans are visual creatures. We’re immediately captivated by stunning images that appeal to our eyes before we delve deeper into the facts. Just as how a connection to your audience is important to gain their trust, the visuals are what will direct them to you in the first place.  


But attempting to source the high-quality images or create the content needed to capture your audience is so time consuming!  And as a business owner, time is not necessarily a luxury you have.


At Freshh Connection, we’ll take care of capturing original images that will make others see the beauty in your brand. Whether it’s the product you’ve designed or a newly unveiled office space, we pride ourselves on showcasing your business in a fresh, new way that stands out from the market.


We also understand that as self-starters and entrepreneurs, you’re so busy juggling everything else that you often neglect to focus on you.  From headshots to stylised shots, we want to capture images that leave you looking and feeling

like the boss you are.